Parasitic Disease Screen

An important part of your pet’s comprehensive preventative care program

We recommend your dog to have a parasitic disease screen (4DX test) once a year.

Why should you have your dog tested?

  • In Allegheny County 1 in 8 dogs test positive for Lyme disease. In Washington County, 1 in 8 also test positive.
  • Ticks, mosquitoes, and the infectious agents they carry can be found throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Symptoms of parasitic disease can range from very mild to severe
  • Heartworm and flea and tick preventatives can help keep your best friend free from parasitic diseases.
    • If your dog has missed more than 6 doses of heartworm medication, we highly recommend you to test before starting them back on it.

A 4DX or Parasitic Disease Screen tests for:
PARASITE(S) Mosquito Deer tick, black legged tick Deer tick, blacklegged tick, brown dog tick Brown dog tick, lone star tick, American dog tick
WHAT ARE THE HEALTH RISKS? Coughing, exercise intolerance, loss of appetite, death Lameness, arthritis, reduced activity, loss of appetite, severe kidney injury Fever, joint swelling, joint pain, lameness Bleeding disorders, fever, lameness, lethargy, joint point
  • I understand that it is possible for my pet to get heartworms even if on monthly preventative.
  • I understand that giving heartworm preventative to a dog that is positive for heartworms may cause serious illness up to and including death.
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